How it works?

Donation tracking and transparency policy


1 - Whaw & Pepsia

WHAW has partnered with PEPSIA, a digital advertiser to offer ad space to companies. Once companies are selected, advertisements are featured on our website, generating viewings. Each viewing will generate a micro transaction as explained above. The advertisers then redistribute the revenues generated at the end of each month, after deducting a 20% fee.

WHAW will not take any share of this advertising money and all the revenue generated will be rerouted to our NGO of choice.


2 - Whaw & brands

WHAW reserves the right to negotiate directly with brands and broadcast their ads to its committed audience. The goal is to generate as many donations as possible for our NGO of choice.

WHAW will be compensated by the advertiser for its work. It will redistribute 100% of the donation generated by viewings.


100% to NGOS

100% of revenues generated by users are therefore rerouted. Whether in partnership with our digital advertising company or brand’s advertising campaigns, WHAW will remain commission-free.

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